Alan Cartwright Joins as MD for EMS

As Elite Moving Systems Limited continues to grow in size and reputation, Alan Cartwright has joined the company as the new Managing Director to guide the course of EMS’ expansion.

Having established himself as a multi-talented leader during his 14-year stint as European CFO and COO at Santa Fe, the move is set to bring fresh perspective to the company’s growth plans for 2017 and beyond.

Learning from the leaders

Alan Cartwright first joined the relocation industry 14 years ago, when our founders, Ronan Woodhouse and XXXXX introduced him to Santa Fe Group. Eventually, they left to form EMS, while Alan continued his career at Santa Fe, a relocation heavyweight with offices in 48 countries worldwide.

During his time at the company, Alan has gained wide-ranging experience with roles in finance, quality, logistics, relationship management and more. This has given him a balanced view of all aspects of operations, making him perfectly placed to head EMS as it evolves from a small, London-based moving service provider to a larger player in the relocation market.


The drive for continuous improvement

A chartered accountant by trade, Alan is taking a strategic approach to the improvements he plans to make at EMS. By bringing more structure to operations, he hopes to improve efficiency so that EMS can add value to customers and stakeholders while maintaining competitive pricing.

“Customer service has always been a strength of EMS; the working environment and ethos attracted me to the company, as well as its immense growth potential,” says Alan.

“I’m excited to be working alongside Ronan and XXX once more, and hope to bring the disciplines I have learned over the years to this small, fast-growing organisation.”

Over the coming months, Alan will be conducting a thorough review of processes and systems across the company, including HR and IT systems, to identify opportunities for improvement. In doing so, we aim to further refine the quality and competitiveness of the services we provide to our clients.

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